Supporters and shareholders of Aston Villa have joined together to fight what they see as the “endless cycle of under-achievement” their club has suffered for the past 20 years.


Villa Fans Combined would like to welcome David O'Leary to Aston Villa Football Club and would like to re-state, we will always be 100% behind the team and the manager. However, we think that most candidates appointed as manager of Aston Villa could do a good job given the right support and having the right infrastructure behind them. Unfortunately Villa does not have the infrastructure in place to offer that support or to develop the club further. We believe the fans will not come back because of this.

VFC feel that if we were to achieve nothing from this campaign we will all be getting together again in a year or two's time doing it again, simply because it will end with the same cycle of a new manager on average every 2.5 years.

VFC spokesman Jonathan Fear says "The way in which Villa have gone about this is very unprofessional and cynical, especially after announcing that they were not going to appoint someone until June, which makes us wonder whether this is yet another panic appointment due to the increasing level of criticism levelled at the board, the planned rally on Saturday and the talk of an independent report. We assure the board that the fans are not about to fall for the same tactics again, the report will still be completed and the rally will still go ahead."

"VFC have been approached by people who are serious about taking Aston Villa forward and have presented a document 'Aston Villa Football Club - A Blueprint for Success' which will be revealed at the meeting" (Saturday 24th, 2-4pm, Aston Villa Leisure Centre)

"We feel the board have once again tried to appease the fans to quell the momentum and level of unrest but from early indications, the fans have not been fooled and still want a radical change at the club in order to give our new manager the platform he needs to bring about success, in other words, give him the board he deserves".

Jonathan Fear
Navid Nazir


VFC (Villa Fans Combined)
VFC is an umbrella group that includes independent websites such as (Mike Field), (Peter Bosworth and John Cresswell), astonished etc, Navid Nazir of Avisa, The Aston Villa Shareholders Association, Jonathan Fear and a long list of supporters from all sections of the Villa community.



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