Supporters and shareholders of Aston Villa have joined together to fight what they see as the “endless cycle of under-achievement” their club has suffered for the past 20 years.

May 24th - First Public Gathering of VFC Supporters

Supporters of Villa Fans Combined met at the Aston Villa Leisure Centre on May 24th. A gathering of over 600 people met to hear the speakers and answer questions on the aims of VFC and the strategy to be employed by VFC in order to achieve those aims.

More details on the meeting will be made available over the coming days, but the experience of one person is detailed here as it expresses the feelings of many of us in words better than we could hope to achieve. Thanks Paul, your words are greatly appreciated.

Dear All,

Remember the day - the 24th of May.

This date will go down in Villa history as the day the fans started to take back control of their club, the football club that they love, the club that has been ruined by Doug Ellis for the past twenty years or so. Today is the day we start turning it around.

600-700 people in the Aston Villa Leisure Centre all supporting and uniting behind the cause to make Villa great again today. Now is the time - the time for a change! The board must s sp aside and admit defeat. We as true Villa fans have had enough.

What other club in the Premiership names a stand after its despised Chairman? What other club in the Premiership sings after a bygone era because it has nothing else to sing about? What other club in the Premiership got humiliated by it's bitter rivals down the road 5-0 this season?

Please join with Villa Fans Combined, support our campaign, tell your Villa friends to unite behind this cause. It may be the only chance we get to really make a difference in the next twenty years. We need fan representation on the board at Villa Park.

Check out the website, come to the next meeting and circulate this message to other Villa supporters. Please note, we all support David O'Leary and the Villa players who really want to play for our club. However we don't support the current board and the players that don't want to wear the Villa shirt with pride - they must all go!

At the end of the meeting the chair of the meeting, Carl Chinn, called for the assembled crowd to vote on a series of resolutions:

  • That this meeting wishes David O'Leary well and sends him its support.

  • Passed Unanimously

  • That this meeting recognises that the average tenure of a Villa manager is 2.5 years and that the only way to provide managerial stability is by the resignation of the present board.

  • Passed Unanimously

  • That this meeting has no confidence in the present board of Aston Villa.

  • Passed Unanimously

  • That this meeting urges the present board to resign and make way for people with money, ability, commitment and a passion for Aston Villa who can take Aston Villa forward.

  • Passed Unanimously

  • That this meeting supports the democratic election of a fans' representative to the board of Aston Villa.

  • Passed Unanimously

    Full details of the meeting are contained within this PDF which can be downloaded and viewed here: May 24th 2003 (1.0).pdf

    Jonathan Fear
    Navid Nazir


    VFC (Villa Fans Combined)
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